The Heroes of Fallcrest

1st Assault on the Keep

The party descends the stairs into the keep. Merric scouts ahead and sees an open room with corridors leading off in the 3 directions. He begins to return the party who is waiting in the stairway down when he walks straight thru the center of the room and falls into a pit trap….

The noise of the fall is horrendous and unknown to Merric there is a deadly rat sworm in the bottom. Needless to say, the noise draws the attention of several nearby goblins and drakes and a terrible fight ensues. Merric eventually escapes the pit but brings the rats out with him. Eventually the party succeeds and explores the upper floor further….

The party explores to the east continues to descend into the earth. They hear ahead to goblins fighting. Merric scouts a very large area where the goblins have been excavating and have dug huge up huge amounts of dirt. The party battles the goblins from above while they are caught off guard. They fight a mixture of goblins and drakes. Some of the party descends into the excavation battle and all the goblins are dispatched….

When the party heads back west Merric finds a secret door and stairs running up to the north. Merric and the party come out into a hidden chamber where unbeknown to them the goblin chief is sleeping. The party quickly assassinates him in his sleep and takes out any close by guards….

Using cover and stealth the party quickly takes out several more rooms of guards…..

Adventuring further to the west the party discover a gruesome room full of humans being beaten and tortured. A horrible looking hobgoblin is leading the group. Aaron is the first to open the door and peppers the hobgoblin leader with arrows and then quickly shuts the door. The party then leads a full out assault into the room and routes the evil goblins and hobgoblin. The party frees many feeble and weakened prisoners. The party also finds a goblin named Meepo who convinces them that he will be a servant of the party. Bolgain the Tooth takes pity on him and shackles him and takes him with the party.

With so many prisoners and with them being is such poor shape the party decides to leave back for Winterhaven and then return to the keep……….



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