The Heroes of Fallcrest

2nd and Final Assault on Keep

After saving Winterhaven from the undead the party notices the swirling storm above the keep getting worse and decides to quickly head back. The PCs make their way back in and finish off the 1st level of the keeps and encounter more undead waiting for them. In the Crypt of Shadows they fight bravely and also discover terror runes which they quickly overcome thanks to the bravery of Merric. On this level they also find the tomb of Sir Keegan. After fighting a legion of skeletons they find that Sir Keegan actually wishes to speak with them. After a test of will and wits they discover that Sir Keegan was the last leader of the Keep and was driven mad by the rift. He gives them a powerful ancient weapons to help fight off the cultist now invading the keep.

After finding a place to rest they decide to descend to level 2. At level 2 they fight bravely against massive hoards of hobgoblins and traps and finally make there way to the ghoul warren which is right above the Cathedral of Shadow. In the Cathedral of Shadow the find strange rivers of blood circling and pumping down below on these strange chains. They fight a cleric of orcus, vampires, berserkers, and a dark creeper to eventually prevail.

With the Cathedral of Shadow cleared they now decide to descend the bloody chains to the final battle. In the Shadow Rift encounter the party finally meets the evil cleric of Orcus named Kalarel. Kalarel . The fight is epic to say the least as the rift grows and tries to open. The party narrowly defeats Kalarel thanks in part to the brave magic of Bolgain the Tooth and the rift turns on Kalarel and sucks him in. As the party leaves the defeated keep they do the best they can to bring down the walls of the lower chambers so no one will attempt to open it again….



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