The Heroes of Fallcrest

Arriving in Winterhaven & Douven

After the goblin ambush the heroes arrive in Winterhaven and makes sure the caravan makes it to its destination. The heroes end up at Wrafton’s Inn where they meet a lot of the locals and begin investigating the disappearnce of Douven and seeing if anyone knows who Iron Tooth is. No one has seen Douven in many weeks. Their best lead is from Eilian the Old who draws a map to the location he sent Douven to many weeks ago.

The heroes meet with Lord Padraig who offers them a commission to destroy a local troublesome tribe of goblins terrorizing the locals and disrupting trade. They agree after haggling over a reward and Lord Padraig gives them a map to where he believes they are encamped.

The heroes decide to look for Douven first. Heading south of the city they quickly become ambushed again by goblins. The heroes easily defeat the goblins and head again toward the supposed dragon’s burial site…..

Upon arriving to the site they see many humanoid figures busily digging around what appears to actually be bones of a huge dragon. A well dressed gnome calls out to the part to enter the dig site and the heroes briefly parlay with them. The parlay quickly turns into a trap and after a long battle the heroes defeat all of the enemies. The heroes find Douven injured but alive tied and gagged under a tarp in a corner of the dragon burial site. The party frees him and finds an ornate mirror on the gnome that they had just excavated at the site. The mirror appears to date back the old Nerrath empire and has many arcane and heraldry symbols on it. Douven mentions that he heard them speak of Iron Tooth and someone name Kalarel…

The party takes Douven back to Winterhaven and sets him up at a room at Wrafton’s Inn. The heroes decide to take care of the goblins and set out the next day after some rest….



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