The Heroes of Fallcrest

Assaulting Kobold Hall

Assaulting Kobold Hall

After scouting the entrance, Sam lets the party know it is OK to come in. After a brief encounter around a sludge pit the party quickly takes out several kobolds.

The next room they encounter is a large room filled with stone coffins and statues along the walls. Kobolds taunt the pcs on the other side of the long room. Sam sets off several dart traps from the coffins and then so does Merric. After a good fight the party takes down three more kobolds and destroys a shrine to Tiamatt finding some good gold, too.

The next room was a very unusual encounter called SKULL-SKULL. In the room was a large deep slimy pit with 4 stone coffins around it. The kobolds are on raised platforms assaulting the pcs with a barred door in the center. The kobolds had a large rock ties to a rope where they practiced knocking skulls off the coffins into the pit. However, the PCs become their target. This fight lasts a good while and after dispatching the kobolds the pcs find two ferocious drakes behind the door. Using sheer wit Bolgain the Tooth tricks the drakes into taking a lot of damager from his pillar of energy spell. Some small treasure is found after the encounter.

The next encounter is called The Big Boss. The encounter starts with a large Indiana Jones style boulder being dropped and rolling around in a circle around the room as the battle ensues. The party defeats a kobold wyrmpriest, several more kobold warriors, and a spiretop drake who tries to steal Bolgain the Tooth’s tome. The pcs interrogate one poor kobold who tells them of Szartharrax the White Dragon who is behind a secret door. The pcs find a +1 staff of the war mage on the wyrmpriest.

After resting and healing the pcs assault the lair of the dragon. As the pcs entered the layer they see a frozen body of water and huge rocks around the cavern. Szartharrax the White Dragon hides behind a large outcropping waiting to ambush the pcs. After a long drawn out fight the pcs defeat Szartharrax the White Dragon and find his treasure along with the green dragon hide that Teldorthan Goldcap wanted. Among the treasure they find a +1 Lifedrinker Longsword. The most important thing they find however is a letter from someone named Iron Tooth wishing to join forces with Szartharrax the White Dragon and destroy Winterhaven and then Fallcrest.



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