The Heroes of Fallcrest

Back at Winterhaven

Upon arriving back at Winterhaven the party finds the town at full alert with town militia behind the walls. The Lord of Winterhaven takes the rescued prisoners but begs the party to check out the cemetery. The dead have risen at the cemetery just outside the city walls and threaten to attack the city. The party bravely investigates the cemetery and is attacked by a large contingent of undead.2011 01 29 02 . The party defeats the undead, a female elf who turned out to be Ninaran from Winterhaven who was leading them, and a powerful warlock. On Ninaran was a letter explaining that the party has become troublesome and must be taken out. On the warlock is a letter detailing a sale of human slaves to some gnolls called the bloodreavers. Soon after the warlock dies a huge hand with an eye in the middle appears and takes the body of the warlock and disappears…..



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