The Heroes of Fallcrest

Bluemoon Alehouse - The Party Comes Together

Drawn by posted bounty for rewards for slaying kobolds the player characters come together at the Blue Moon Alehouse in Fallcrest. Sgt. Murgeddin is setup at a counter giving out bounty licenses for anyone wishing to hunt kobolds. 10 gold is offered for each kobold’s scalp and 100 gold is offered for proof of taking out the leader of the tribe.

Each player character at first simply enjoys the fine drinks of the Blue Moon Alehouse. It is known for having the finest drinks in all of the Nentir Vale. They are actually brewed here at the alehouse. Bolgain the Tooth is sitting at a table of all dwarves when he over hears a very loud and drunken dwarf complaining about losing merchandise to the kobolds. Teldorthan Goldcap is a well known armorer who lives and works in Fallcrest. The armorer lost a very expensive green dragon hide that was being shipped to him from the western road. This encounter emboldens Bolgain the Tooth to stand on the table and announce his intentions to the whole ale house.
Bolgain the Tooth then goes over to Sgt. Murgeddin who gives him his license. Sam, Merric, and Aaron approach the bold dwarf at the counter and also sign up. The group quickly gathers together at a table and begins planning their adventure. At this time Josiah the cleric approaches and offers to join the party. Though they are weary of the clean cut cleric they realize he would be a valuable asset and ask him to join.

After dinner and much drinking the party agrees to meet at dawn on the west side of the river to leave. Sam, heavily intoxicated finds himself awake in a fountain just before dawn and discovers much of his purse gone….



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