The Heroes of Fallcrest

The Journey To Winterhaven

Recovering from their hard won battle against the white dragon and kobolds the part takes a hard needed rest in Fallcrest. The local lord of Fallcrest rewards the party and a great celebration is held in their honor. The sorcerer Sam decides to return to the wizard’s tower in Fallcrest to continue his education…..

Even with the trade route between Fallcrest and Winterhaven open again, merchants are afraid to travel. The owner of the Blue Moon Alehouse and some other merchants ask the heroes to accompany a caravan to Winterhaven. Merric also learns that a colleague from Fallcrest named Douven Staul has gone missing looking for an ancient dragon’s treasure near Winterhaven. On top of this the heroes also found a letter on the white dragon from someone named Irontooth who offered to help destroy Fallcrest once Winterhaven fell…..

On the eve before leaving for Winterhaven the cleric Josiah introduces the heroes to a paladin of Pelor who offers to accompany the party to Winterhaven. The heroes all agree they could use a strong sword arm and take the paladin into the party…..

The journey west is rather uneventful until being about a days journey from Winterhaven. The heroes are ambushed by a cunning party of goblins led by a huge Bugbear. After a sharp battle the goblins are defeated and the heroes make it to Winterhaven………



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