The Heroes of Fallcrest

The Keep on the Shadowfell

After defeating Iron Tooth and the goblins the heroes return to Winterhaven…..

Something had changed…. A horrible rain storm has cast itself over the region and to the north of the city appears a horrible electrical storm and a huge swirling purple vortex of clouds. The citizens of Winterhaven seem unnerved and on edge. The heroes return to Lord Padraig and inform him of destroying Iron Tooth and the goblin encampment.

The heroes inform Lord Padraig of the letter from Kalarel and the evidence of the death cult. Reluctant to believe them Lord Padraig offers the heroes deeded land to the south if they can find and destroy this threat…..

Back at Wrafton’s Inn Valthrun The Prescient informs the heroes about the true story of the Keep on the Shadowfell which is north of Winterhaven. Long ago in the time of the Nerrath empire an evil cult unleashed a rift to the shadowfell which threatened to destroy the Nentir Vale and all of the world. The Nerrath empire fought bravely against the cult and monsters and built a keep on top of the site/temple. This keep stood for many centuries when the empire was still around. After the fall of the Nerrath empire the keep became one of the last bastions of the old empire. Valthrun The Prescient relates the sad tale of Sir Keegan. Sir Keegan was the last commander of the keep. The rift to the Shadowfell poisoned his mind and he murdered his wife and children and then most of the keeps soldiers. They mounted an attack on Sir Keegan and drove him deep within the keep never to be seen again. The survivors left the keep and many settled in Winterhaven and were some of the villages original founders. Several years later a great earthquake knocked down most of the keep and it has been a ruin every since. The years passed and the true purpose of the keep was lost to most……

The storm continues through the night. The heroes leave in the rain in the morning and head toward the long abandoned keep. Not far from the abandoned road to the keep the heroes find two women struggling in mortal combat on a small rise with a war party of goblins. The heroes rescue the two women and find it to be Sister Linora and Delphina Moongem. Sister Linora is badly wounded but Josiah heals her. She informs them that the goblins are pillaging all the farms north of Winterhaven and have killed many and taken prisoners.

The heroes see the two women off and head toward the keep. There is an abandoned road off of the main road that leads to the keep. It is overgrown and has not seen much traffic in ages. At the keep the swirling purple vortex pulsates overhead and heroes can find no rest. They find a ruined tower with stairs leading down. It appears someone or something has recently uncovered these stairs and area.

The heroes descend into the upper level of the ruins below the Keep on the Shadowfell….



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