The Heroes of Fallcrest

Aftermath of Keep on the Shadowfell

The PCs are proclaimed heroes of Winterhaven and each granted land and title in the estates of outside of Winterhaven. A great feast is held in their honor. However, they are saddened to find out that over 130 of what would have been their serfs were taken slaves and transported off to the east while they were assaulting the keep…. The PCs come to learn the gnolls that bought the slaves may be located at the Thunderspire Labyrinth……

2nd and Final Assault on Keep

After saving Winterhaven from the undead the party notices the swirling storm above the keep getting worse and decides to quickly head back. The PCs make their way back in and finish off the 1st level of the keeps and encounter more undead waiting for them. In the Crypt of Shadows they fight bravely and also discover terror runes which they quickly overcome thanks to the bravery of Merric. On this level they also find the tomb of Sir Keegan. After fighting a legion of skeletons they find that Sir Keegan actually wishes to speak with them. After a test of will and wits they discover that Sir Keegan was the last leader of the Keep and was driven mad by the rift. He gives them a powerful ancient weapons to help fight off the cultist now invading the keep.

After finding a place to rest they decide to descend to level 2. At level 2 they fight bravely against massive hoards of hobgoblins and traps and finally make there way to the ghoul warren which is right above the Cathedral of Shadow. In the Cathedral of Shadow the find strange rivers of blood circling and pumping down below on these strange chains. They fight a cleric of orcus, vampires, berserkers, and a dark creeper to eventually prevail.

With the Cathedral of Shadow cleared they now decide to descend the bloody chains to the final battle. In the Shadow Rift encounter the party finally meets the evil cleric of Orcus named Kalarel. Kalarel . The fight is epic to say the least as the rift grows and tries to open. The party narrowly defeats Kalarel thanks in part to the brave magic of Bolgain the Tooth and the rift turns on Kalarel and sucks him in. As the party leaves the defeated keep they do the best they can to bring down the walls of the lower chambers so no one will attempt to open it again….

Back at Winterhaven

Upon arriving back at Winterhaven the party finds the town at full alert with town militia behind the walls. The Lord of Winterhaven takes the rescued prisoners but begs the party to check out the cemetery. The dead have risen at the cemetery just outside the city walls and threaten to attack the city. The party bravely investigates the cemetery and is attacked by a large contingent of undead.2011 01 29 02 . The party defeats the undead, a female elf who turned out to be Ninaran from Winterhaven who was leading them, and a powerful warlock. On Ninaran was a letter explaining that the party has become troublesome and must be taken out. On the warlock is a letter detailing a sale of human slaves to some gnolls called the bloodreavers. Soon after the warlock dies a huge hand with an eye in the middle appears and takes the body of the warlock and disappears…..

1st Assault on the Keep

The party descends the stairs into the keep. Merric scouts ahead and sees an open room with corridors leading off in the 3 directions. He begins to return the party who is waiting in the stairway down when he walks straight thru the center of the room and falls into a pit trap….

The noise of the fall is horrendous and unknown to Merric there is a deadly rat sworm in the bottom. Needless to say, the noise draws the attention of several nearby goblins and drakes and a terrible fight ensues. Merric eventually escapes the pit but brings the rats out with him. Eventually the party succeeds and explores the upper floor further….

The party explores to the east continues to descend into the earth. They hear ahead to goblins fighting. Merric scouts a very large area where the goblins have been excavating and have dug huge up huge amounts of dirt. The party battles the goblins from above while they are caught off guard. They fight a mixture of goblins and drakes. Some of the party descends into the excavation battle and all the goblins are dispatched….

When the party heads back west Merric finds a secret door and stairs running up to the north. Merric and the party come out into a hidden chamber where unbeknown to them the goblin chief is sleeping. The party quickly assassinates him in his sleep and takes out any close by guards….

Using cover and stealth the party quickly takes out several more rooms of guards…..

Adventuring further to the west the party discover a gruesome room full of humans being beaten and tortured. A horrible looking hobgoblin is leading the group. Aaron is the first to open the door and peppers the hobgoblin leader with arrows and then quickly shuts the door. The party then leads a full out assault into the room and routes the evil goblins and hobgoblin. The party frees many feeble and weakened prisoners. The party also finds a goblin named Meepo who convinces them that he will be a servant of the party. Bolgain the Tooth takes pity on him and shackles him and takes him with the party.

With so many prisoners and with them being is such poor shape the party decides to leave back for Winterhaven and then return to the keep……….

The Keep on the Shadowfell

After defeating Iron Tooth and the goblins the heroes return to Winterhaven…..

Something had changed…. A horrible rain storm has cast itself over the region and to the north of the city appears a horrible electrical storm and a huge swirling purple vortex of clouds. The citizens of Winterhaven seem unnerved and on edge. The heroes return to Lord Padraig and inform him of destroying Iron Tooth and the goblin encampment.

The heroes inform Lord Padraig of the letter from Kalarel and the evidence of the death cult. Reluctant to believe them Lord Padraig offers the heroes deeded land to the south if they can find and destroy this threat…..

Back at Wrafton’s Inn Valthrun The Prescient informs the heroes about the true story of the Keep on the Shadowfell which is north of Winterhaven. Long ago in the time of the Nerrath empire an evil cult unleashed a rift to the shadowfell which threatened to destroy the Nentir Vale and all of the world. The Nerrath empire fought bravely against the cult and monsters and built a keep on top of the site/temple. This keep stood for many centuries when the empire was still around. After the fall of the Nerrath empire the keep became one of the last bastions of the old empire. Valthrun The Prescient relates the sad tale of Sir Keegan. Sir Keegan was the last commander of the keep. The rift to the Shadowfell poisoned his mind and he murdered his wife and children and then most of the keeps soldiers. They mounted an attack on Sir Keegan and drove him deep within the keep never to be seen again. The survivors left the keep and many settled in Winterhaven and were some of the villages original founders. Several years later a great earthquake knocked down most of the keep and it has been a ruin every since. The years passed and the true purpose of the keep was lost to most……

The storm continues through the night. The heroes leave in the rain in the morning and head toward the long abandoned keep. Not far from the abandoned road to the keep the heroes find two women struggling in mortal combat on a small rise with a war party of goblins. The heroes rescue the two women and find it to be Sister Linora and Delphina Moongem. Sister Linora is badly wounded but Josiah heals her. She informs them that the goblins are pillaging all the farms north of Winterhaven and have killed many and taken prisoners.

The heroes see the two women off and head toward the keep. There is an abandoned road off of the main road that leads to the keep. It is overgrown and has not seen much traffic in ages. At the keep the swirling purple vortex pulsates overhead and heroes can find no rest. They find a ruined tower with stairs leading down. It appears someone or something has recently uncovered these stairs and area.

The heroes descend into the upper level of the ruins below the Keep on the Shadowfell….

Destroying Iron Tooth

Using the map from Lord Padraig the heroes scout out a hidden camp located in a cave behind a huge waterfall a day or more southeast of Winterhaven in the wilderness…

The characters are able to easily sneak up on the camp because of the enormous amount of noise from the Waterfall. The heroes choose stealth for their first strike. They slowly take out all of the goblins outside of the hidden waterfall. BUT, one is able to escape inside and warn the others setting up a deadly showdown.

The heroes setup outside the waterfall and wait for the goblins to make their move. Getting tired of waiting, the heroes courageously charge through the waterfall…. Inside the cave is a showdown of epic proportions. The heroes were doing well but a goblin spellcaster showed up and began to reign down curses and hurt on the heroes. The heroes strategically retreated to outside the waterfall and the goblins pursued them. Iron Tooth and the paladin locked in a deadly duel outside the waterfall. After a close battle the heroes killed Iron Tooth, the goblin caster, and all the remaining goblins. Inside the heroes found a good amount of treasure including a magical battle axe that Iron Tooth owned and several magical suits of armor and a lot of gold. A letter from Kalarel is found talking about destroying the heroes who have recently came to Winterhaven. With this proof the heroes head back to Winterhaven.

Arriving in Winterhaven & Douven

After the goblin ambush the heroes arrive in Winterhaven and makes sure the caravan makes it to its destination. The heroes end up at Wrafton’s Inn where they meet a lot of the locals and begin investigating the disappearnce of Douven and seeing if anyone knows who Iron Tooth is. No one has seen Douven in many weeks. Their best lead is from Eilian the Old who draws a map to the location he sent Douven to many weeks ago.

The heroes meet with Lord Padraig who offers them a commission to destroy a local troublesome tribe of goblins terrorizing the locals and disrupting trade. They agree after haggling over a reward and Lord Padraig gives them a map to where he believes they are encamped.

The heroes decide to look for Douven first. Heading south of the city they quickly become ambushed again by goblins. The heroes easily defeat the goblins and head again toward the supposed dragon’s burial site…..

Upon arriving to the site they see many humanoid figures busily digging around what appears to actually be bones of a huge dragon. A well dressed gnome calls out to the part to enter the dig site and the heroes briefly parlay with them. The parlay quickly turns into a trap and after a long battle the heroes defeat all of the enemies. The heroes find Douven injured but alive tied and gagged under a tarp in a corner of the dragon burial site. The party frees him and finds an ornate mirror on the gnome that they had just excavated at the site. The mirror appears to date back the old Nerrath empire and has many arcane and heraldry symbols on it. Douven mentions that he heard them speak of Iron Tooth and someone name Kalarel…

The party takes Douven back to Winterhaven and sets him up at a room at Wrafton’s Inn. The heroes decide to take care of the goblins and set out the next day after some rest….

The Journey To Winterhaven

Recovering from their hard won battle against the white dragon and kobolds the part takes a hard needed rest in Fallcrest. The local lord of Fallcrest rewards the party and a great celebration is held in their honor. The sorcerer Sam decides to return to the wizard’s tower in Fallcrest to continue his education…..

Even with the trade route between Fallcrest and Winterhaven open again, merchants are afraid to travel. The owner of the Blue Moon Alehouse and some other merchants ask the heroes to accompany a caravan to Winterhaven. Merric also learns that a colleague from Fallcrest named Douven Staul has gone missing looking for an ancient dragon’s treasure near Winterhaven. On top of this the heroes also found a letter on the white dragon from someone named Irontooth who offered to help destroy Fallcrest once Winterhaven fell…..

On the eve before leaving for Winterhaven the cleric Josiah introduces the heroes to a paladin of Pelor who offers to accompany the party to Winterhaven. The heroes all agree they could use a strong sword arm and take the paladin into the party…..

The journey west is rather uneventful until being about a days journey from Winterhaven. The heroes are ambushed by a cunning party of goblins led by a huge Bugbear. After a sharp battle the goblins are defeated and the heroes make it to Winterhaven………

The Heroes of Fallcrest
The Heroes of Fallcrest

Upon arriving back to Fallcrest the party rests and splits up their hard won treasure. Lord Warden Faren Markelhay holds a feast in their honor and they are awarded medals of valor from the City of Fallcrest.

The party strikes a deal with Teldorthan Goldcap to craft them some items left over from the corpse of Szartharrax the White Dragon. A local inn just opening its door agrees to buy the head of Szartharrax the White Dragon for a trophy for the inn and names the Inn, “The White Dragon Inn”.

Assaulting Kobold Hall
Assaulting Kobold Hall

After scouting the entrance, Sam lets the party know it is OK to come in. After a brief encounter around a sludge pit the party quickly takes out several kobolds.

The next room they encounter is a large room filled with stone coffins and statues along the walls. Kobolds taunt the pcs on the other side of the long room. Sam sets off several dart traps from the coffins and then so does Merric. After a good fight the party takes down three more kobolds and destroys a shrine to Tiamatt finding some good gold, too.

The next room was a very unusual encounter called SKULL-SKULL. In the room was a large deep slimy pit with 4 stone coffins around it. The kobolds are on raised platforms assaulting the pcs with a barred door in the center. The kobolds had a large rock ties to a rope where they practiced knocking skulls off the coffins into the pit. However, the PCs become their target. This fight lasts a good while and after dispatching the kobolds the pcs find two ferocious drakes behind the door. Using sheer wit Bolgain the Tooth tricks the drakes into taking a lot of damager from his pillar of energy spell. Some small treasure is found after the encounter.

The next encounter is called The Big Boss. The encounter starts with a large Indiana Jones style boulder being dropped and rolling around in a circle around the room as the battle ensues. The party defeats a kobold wyrmpriest, several more kobold warriors, and a spiretop drake who tries to steal Bolgain the Tooth’s tome. The pcs interrogate one poor kobold who tells them of Szartharrax the White Dragon who is behind a secret door. The pcs find a +1 staff of the war mage on the wyrmpriest.

After resting and healing the pcs assault the lair of the dragon. As the pcs entered the layer they see a frozen body of water and huge rocks around the cavern. Szartharrax the White Dragon hides behind a large outcropping waiting to ambush the pcs. After a long drawn out fight the pcs defeat Szartharrax the White Dragon and find his treasure along with the green dragon hide that Teldorthan Goldcap wanted. Among the treasure they find a +1 Lifedrinker Longsword. The most important thing they find however is a letter from someone named Iron Tooth wishing to join forces with Szartharrax the White Dragon and destroy Winterhaven and then Fallcrest.


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